How it Works

Earthrise Creative Labs
Place Your Order STEP 1

Place Your Order.

Simply send us your shopping list, your store(s), and your options.

  • Order Online or Place Your Order By Phone
We Do The Shopping STEP 2

We Do The Shopping.

We will visit any store in the city. Items big or small, in few or plenty.

  • Any Store in Sudbury Delivered to Your Door
Groceries Delivered to Your Door STEP 3

Items Arrive.

Your complete list accurately fulfilled and delivered to your door.

  • Order For Your Friends or Family Across Canada
Order Your Groceries From Home STEP 4

Payment At Door.

Service starts at $10.00 and 15% of your shopping bill.

  • Choose to pay by Cash, Credit, or Debit at Door

Out of Town Service Pricing

$15.00 + 15%

Copper Cliff, Azilda, Coniston, Garson, Val Caron, Val Therese, Blezzard, & Lively.

$20.00 + 15%

Hanmer, Wanup, Falcon Bridge, Estaire, Wahnapitae, Marksay, & Chelmsford

$25.00 + 15%

Warren, Noelville, Capreol, Alban, Dowling, Skead, Whitefish, & St. Charles

Frequently Asked Questions

How specific do I need to be on my grocery list?
Will you substitute items that may not be available?
What if I receive the wrong item?
How do I pay for my order?
Do I need to be home to receive my order?
Are there any other fees?
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